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Just like humans, animals of all kinds can get cancer.  And just like humans, there can be hope.  As veterinary medicine has progressed, so has the diagnosis and successful treatment of cancer in animals.

If your pet has been diagnosed as having cancer, your veterinarian may refer you to an animal cancer specialist.  This can be a very distressing time for you, your family and your pet.  The Animal Cancer Clinic understands and we are here to help you in this trying time.

Animal Cancer Clinic offers multiple diagnostic modalities, including MRI, CAT scan, digital ultrasound and radiography.  We offer multiple cancer therapies, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and palliative care.  All treatments are performed with compassionate care.

The first step is to have your pet evaluated. Dr. Labavitch will thoroughly examine your pet and possibly take some X-rays or perform laboratory tests. For certain pets, an ECG (heart function test) may be necessary. You will be asked a series of questions relating to your pet’s diet, exercise, family relations, environment, daily activities, previous health problems, vaccination history, medical treatment or surgery and the current problem.

When the laboratory tests are completed, the X-rays studied and all aspects are considered, Dr. Labavitch will be able to discuss a treatment regime. If the case is not treatable, he will inform you of the options.




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