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Common Types

Mast Cell Disease

Mast Cell Disease is a common skin tumor on dogs but can also occur in cats.  Mast cell tumors can metastasize to other sites in the body.  These tumor cells have within their cytoplasm granules that stain purple when stained and that contain histamine, a substance that sometimes causes the tumor to swell and itch.  They can present as a wound, hard lump or a soft fatty tumor.  This is the reason why it is always recommended that you have the lumps and bumps evaluated.


Lymphoma is cancer in the lymph nodes or other lymphoid tissue.  Most lymphomas do originate in the lymph nodes, some start in the spleen, liver, bone marrow, skin, or brain.  This type of cancer is common in both cats and dogs.  Any unusual swellings should be evaluated by your veterinarian.


Osteosarcoma is a cancer that originates in the bones, from the bone cells themselves.  It is most commonly found in the bones of the legs, but can occur in any bone.  These tumors are most common in dogs, especially large or giant breeds.  Osteosarcomas are considered highly malignant, spreading rapidly through the body via the bloodstream.  Any swelling on the limbs especially around a joint should be seen right away.


Sarcoma is a large group of cancers, originating from the non-epithelial tissues throughout the body, such as the fibrous connective tissue, fat, bone, and cartilage.


Carcinoma is a group of cancers, originating from the epithelial or granular structures in the body.  The skin, trachea or bronchi, oral cavity, prostate, bladder, and mammary gland are common sites of carcinomas in the dog and cat.